Growing pride in the community

Without the right language or IT skills, it can be almost impossible to find a job that reflects your abilities. Rehana has mobilised WEA support to remove barriers for Asian women in Rochdale.


Making their own luck

Ian is a WEA volunteer with the Lloyds Banking Group. He lives in Edinburgh and volunteers in Kilmarnock. By helping others find the right route, he now appreciates his own journey through life.


The first step is often the hardest

Ross has worked for the WEA in Scotland for 16 years, mainly on literacy and employability projects. In his experience, if a learner can re-enter the classroom, they are already well on their way.


The tutor next door

Meet Fauzia, a sessional tutor who helps members of her local community to improve their English skills. Her greatest assets? Patience and empathy. After all, she took the same journey.


Listen first, then show

WEA tutor Fatima recounts her growing friendship with an Iranian refugee called Amin, who is learning English in her class. When you leave your community behind, education can find you a new one.


Find your comfort zone

Rebecca, one of our tutors in Rochdale, explains the importance of creating the right environment to learn. Lesson number one: this is nothing like school.